About the Author

Akkana Peck is a freelance software developer and writer who has been working with open source software for several decades. She has worked for a diverse collection of companies that include Netscape, Silicon Graphics, Sun, HP, and Apple; in addition to GIMP plug-ins, she has written software including HTML editors, mail programs, software installation tools, scientific visualization aids and web back-ends.

Akkana is a longtime member of the GIMP community and enjoys giving GIMP courses and presentations, as well as filling up her hard drive with digital images. She lives in northern New Mexico, with her husband and a motley assortment of old computers.

You can find more of her musings on her blog, Shallow Thoughts, or by following her on Twitter: @akkakk.

Lectures and Training

Akkana is available to give lectures or courses showing you how you can use GIMP to improve your digital photos, design images for a web site, create logos or greeting cards, write GIMP scripts and plug-ins, or develop specialized image processing software. See the Contact page to get in touch with her.