GIMP Plug-ins and scripts by the author

The versions linked from this page may not be up to date. You can find the latest version of these plug-ins, and newer ones, on my GitHub repository: gimp-plugins on GitHub.

Pandora: GIMP Plugins for Making Panoramas

[Pandora] A set of plugins to assist in combining a set of images into a panorama in GIMP.

GIMP arclayer, label and CD label plug-ins

[CD plugins] arclayer: Bending text (or graphics) into a circular arc.

The beginnings of a set of GIMP scripts for making pages of labels (business cards, envelopes, etc.) so that they can be printed at high quality with gimp-print/Gutenprint.

These grew out of my older GIMP plug-ins to make it easier to generate and print CD labels, though the newer gimplabels includes all the CD plugins as well. (That page also includes arclayer, a plug-in to bend text in an arc of a specified radius.)

autocropall.c: a C plug-in to crop an image paying attention to the contents of all layers, not just the current one (as discussed in Chapter 11 of my GIMP book).

Little GIMP Scripts

Install these in the appropriate place inside your GIMP profile folder (if you don't know where your profile is, bring up GIMP's Preferences window and look in the Files section). Script-fu (.scm) files go in scripts; Python (.py) files go in plug-ins and, on Linux and other Unix systems, you'll need to make them executable (chmod a+x

Scripts mentioned in or used for the book

allmodes.scm takes an image and combines it with a background color in each of the GIMP's layer modes. I used it to generate Figure 9-11.

colorcircles.scm generates a set of overlapping RGB or CMY circles, with appropriate layer modes, to demonstrate color combinations (used for Figure 8-1).

mysphere.scm (from Chapter 11) is a slight modification of the normal Sphere script included with GIMP, which lets you draw your sphere on a transparent background for pasting into other images.

autocropall.c (from Chapter 11). In GIMP 2.4 this is no longer needed: just use "Crop to selected" combined with "Sample merged" in the Crop tool options.

Other scripts gives you two new entries in the Layer menu: Next mode sets the current layer to the next mode in the layer modes list (try binding it to a key or keeping it visible by tearing off the Layer menu), while Mode dialog... gives you a window with buttons for every mode, so you can try them in any order.

reverse-layers.scm reverses the order of the layers in the current image. Very useful if you're doing animation or stitching panoramas with Pandora. It's included in GIMP 2.4, but here's the script for 2.2 users.

stack.scm turns the layers in the current image into an averaged layer stack, where each layer's opacity is such that it contributes equally to the total.

paperproto.scm is a script which takes a set of strings and turns them into a set of draggable buttons, usable for "paper prototyping" or just magnetic fridge poetry. Inspired by Sven's blog entry and described in my post to the Gimp-developer list.

fibonacci.scm generates a set of golden-ratio fibonacci boxes and a Fibonacci spiral through them. I needed it to make a slide for a talk on Fbonacci numbers.