Outside GIMP Links

Web Articles by the author:

An Online GIMP Course which was offered in 2005 via LinuxChix.

Video of a 90-minute GIMP tutorial I gave at LinuxConf AU 2007: available as a downloadable Ogg Theora file (see the Ogg FAQ for how to play Ogg Theora on Windows and Mac), or as a Java based stream.

GIMP plug-ins and scripts by the author.

Outside Links

Sources for Freely Usable Images

Public domain or Creative Commons licensed images.
These are the links mentioned in Chapter 12 of the book, plus recent additions since the second edition was published.

General Photos

US Government sites:

NASA and Space Images:


Flickr Searchers

  • PhotoPin -- search Flickr for CC-licensed images
  • Compfight -- another site that searches Flickr for CC-licensed images
  • Or do a Google image search, click on Tools and then Usage Rights and choose an appropriate license.

GIMP Community Sites

for sharing artwork, tips etc. Most of these have tutorial sections, and there's a lot of overlap between this list and the list of tutorial sites, below.

Useful GIMP Web Sites

Collections of GIMP tutorials

Good Tutorials for Specific Projects

Art Sites and Imaging Contests

Collections of GIMP Brushes and Other Resources

Collections of GIMP Plug-Ins

Some Selected GIMP Plug-Ins

  • Resynthesizer helps in removing objects from a complicated textured background.
  • GREYCstoration can remove noise from a photo, or cartoonify a photo.
  • Exposure Blend for combining images with lighter and darker exposure to make a simulate HDR image
  • Focus Blur lets you create all kinds of interesting effects simulating shallow depth of field.
  • GAP: the GIMP Animation Package for making movies far beyond the simple animated GIF in Chapter 3.
  • David's Batch Processor lets you make simple changes (rotate, crop, scale etc.) to a bunch of images at once.

Useful info on writing plug-ins