Errata and Updates

No book is perfect. I tried (with lots of help from my excellent tech reviewer, Guillermo S. Romero) to make the book as accurate as possible. But if you find errors in it, I want to know about it! Please contact me and let me know of any errors or omissions you find.

I will maintain a list of errata here; they should also be available at

Errata for the Second Edition

January 2011: All of these are being corrected in the upcoming second printing.

See the Apress Errata page.
In addition:

Chapter 1 and Appendix D

Pages 5 and 9, and page 536: The File>New menu was renamed to File>Create after the second edition went to press.

Page 6: In GIMP 2.6, dialogs are now in the image window's Windows > Dockable Dialogs submenu.

Chapter 8

Page 305: Color Balance is in the top-level Colors menu, not Layers > Colors.

Errata for the First Edition

Most of these were in the first printing, and were corrected for the second and later printings.

Chapter 1

Page 21 See Chapter 8 for more information on color management.

Chapter 2

Page 30, second paragraph: when using Percent as the unit in the Scale dialog, 200 and 50 are double and half size, not 2 and .5.

Page 56: The description is correct for GIMP 2.4. In GIMP 2.2 and earlier, Desaturate didn't offer a choice of desaturation methods.

Page 60: The Crop tool now has a clearer set of options for clipping:

Keep the image size the same, but resize the layer as big as it needs to be. (Image->Fit Canvas to Layers will increase the canvas size to encompass the full layer.)
Keep the image size the same, and clip the rotated layer's corners as needed to fit.
Crop to Result
Crop the rotated layer to eliminate any transparent corners.
Crop to Aspect
Same as Crop to Result except that it won't change the image's aspect ratio.

Page 65: In "if I decrease Amount to 4", Amount should be Radius.

Chapter 3

Page 83: "The red arrow points...": the arrow is actually blue.

Page 88: In the Color Chooser dialog (Figure 3-16), in the color box, Value should increase to the right, Saturation increase toward the top.

Chapter 4

Page 155, second paragraph: "click somewhere near the upper right of the box's right layer" should read "click somewhere near the upper right of the 'box right side' layer".

It's also a good idea to make sure nothing is selected (Select->None) before this step; otherwise, the perspective transform tool may complain that the selected region is empty, or may give surprising results.

Chapter 5

Page 191: In the sidebar, the last sentence should begin, "The trick is to hold down the Control key when you start the drag," not the Shift key.

Page 194: The tip should reference Figure 5-25, not 5-26, showing a free selection about to be filled.

Chapter 11

Page 457, near bottom: y should be followed by two minus signs, not a dash, in the line:

for (y = start; y > 0 && layerOffsetY + y > ymax; y--)